In order to ensure a complete transformation of the urban public transport scenario in the city and its hinterland through use of smart technology, service benchmarking and customer satisfaction, Capital Region Urban Transport (CRUT) rolled out its new buses under the brand name of MO BUS. The service was launched on November 6, 2018 to provide reliable and safe transportation connecting neighbourhoods. The focus is not only to focus on customer service, employee development and technology but also to provide the best public transportation possible and continue to improve the quality of life.


The integrated transit system for MO BUS offers plenty of options for getting around city. Around 25 routes are planned providing public transport services in the areas of Bhubaneswar, Cuttack and Puri. Complete system map is accessible at the below link (also available to download) to help people identify and can get them to where they want to go!

System map for operational routes


Fares are determined by the location of the destination and type of service selected. Fares for both AC and Non-AC buses are available below based on distance. All fares listed are for one-way journey.

  • AC MO BUS: Starts with Rs 5 with maximum up to Rs.70
  • Non-AC MO BUS: Starts with Rs 5 with maximum up to Rs.55
  • Odyssey Card: 20% discount on base fare
  • Other digital wallet payments: 10% discount on base fare
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The Capital Region Urban Transport offers an added convenience of not having to pay cash for the bus ride. To ensure that MO BUS is affordable for citizens, CRUT offers a variety of fare products to help riders save money. The MoPass Online is valid only along the CRUT Bus Network and can be purchased only through the MO BUS mobile app. The passes are available in three formats:

Bhubaneswar Pass

Unlimited rides on all MO BUS routes within the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) area.

Physical Pass can also be availed at CRUT office & Master Canteen Terminal from 10.00 AM - 6.00 PM on all working days.  

Magic Pass

Pass that allows unlimited rides on all the MO BUS operational routes within the MO BUS service area except Puri & Konark (beyond Pipili).

Physical Pass can also be availed at CRUT office & Master Canteen Terminal from 10.00 AM - 6.00 PM on all working days. 

Route Pass

Designed for frequent commuters, you can enjoy unlimited trips along your preferred routes.

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Based on the standards set out by govt., the fare concessions are available for children, seniors and people with special abilities in MO BUS Services (for both AC & NAC buses).

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Designed as a complete package by investing in all the supporting transit infrastructure improvements such as bus queue shelters, depots, terminals, MO BUS services are planned to serve all major shopping, entertainment and cultural centers, as well as major residential areas.

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For ease of commute and journey planning, CRUT has introduced MO BUS app, live-tracking system as well as suggests journey planning options.

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