About CRUT

CRUT is operating 365 buses in four packages consisting of 100 Standard Buses (50 AC & 50 Non-AC) with 43 seats, 125 midi buses (Non-AC) with 28 seats and 30 refurbished old buses with 27 seats..The Electric AC midi buses with 30 seats are catering to the vision of sustainable mode of public transport in Bhubaneswar. About CRUT

MO BUS provides safe, smart, and affordable amenities to the passengers and facilitates easy commutethroughout Bhubaneswar, Jatni, Khurdha, Cuttack, Choudwar, Salepur, Konark,  Puri, Pipili and soon to Rourkela. MO Buses are designed to integrate smart technologies such as digital announcements, surveillance cameras, and electronic ticketing. To increase women’s participation in the workforce, and make women riders feel safer while commuting, CRUT is committed to ensure that 50% of its MO BUS Guides (conductors) are women.


About CRUT

The Bus Queue Shelter (BQS) in each location has been particularly created and designed in a way which provides enhanced convenience to the passengers and makes their waiting time worth it. Some of the unique features in the BQS include:

  • Location Information Map: This facility will let people know their exact location, what’s nearby, close-by landmarks and the appropriate directions to take for reaching some of the nearby destinations.
  • Public Toilets near BQS : Public toilet facilities have been provided nearby some of the BQS to let passengers uplift their BQS experience, and not search for a public toilet each time they have to wait at the BQS.
  • MO CYCLE Stations at BQS: To ensure appropriate first and last mile connectivity in the city through the means of sustainable transportation, some of the BQS have MO CYCLE stations which lets people easily access/park their MO Cycles and conveniently use it for their short or long trips.
  • PIS (Passenger Information System): Mounted on some BQS, PIS is a GPS-based information system to know about the expected time of arrival of MO BUS and to find out when exactly the next MO BUS is about to approach a particular bus-stop. It also displays the route numbers of the MO Buses which are about to arrive at the particular stop.


Origin Destination (OD) terminals are located in the heart of the three cities, serving as the central points in the CRUT system. The terminals are the main transfer location for CRUT buses and also serve as a connecting point to Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Puri and the surrounding areas.
Locations of OD Terminals:

  • Airport
  • Sikharchandi Vihar
  • Lingipur
  • Master Canteen
  • Khordha
  • SUM Hospital
  • Kalinga Vihar
  • Kalinga Vihar K9B
  • Sai Temple
  • Dumduma
  • Mancheswar
  • Gothapatna
  • Nandankanan

MO BUS Depots

MO BUS Depots are assigned places in the city where the maintenance of MO BUS is carried out. Night parking and workshop facilities also from a part of the Bus Depots

Temporary MO BUS Depots
  • Chandrasekharpur
  • Ghatikita
  • Beside SUM Hospital
  • Railway Bhawan (ECoR)
Upcoming MO BUS Depots with upgraded features
  • Pokhariput
  • Bhagabanpur 
  • Patia