Designed for easy riding in an urban environment, MO CYCLES are built to be comfortable for any type of rider, regardless of height or riding ability. The MO CYCLEs also include:


  • Adjustable Seat: The wide, padded saddle seat is comfortable and rain-resistant. The black lever at the bottom of the seat post allows to adjust the seat to based on individual’s height.
  • Sturdy Frame: Step-through unisex frame is easy to straddle and has a low center of gravity for a more stable ride.
  • Basket: The metal rack at the front of the bike fits a wide range of bags. Secure the belongings in place attached to the rack.
  • Chain Guard & Fenders: Front and rear guard provide protection from rain or dirt, and prevents grease from getting on the legs.

MO CYCLE Stations 

More than 500+ MO CYCLE stations are planned near various destinations such as home, office, shopping mall, college, and schools. MO CYCLE station are either integrated with the Bus Queue Shelter (BQS) to support MO BUS; or are planned as standalone stations near destinations to provide access to public utilities.

About CRUT

Rider Information

Bhubaneswar is a great place to ride MO CYCLE. Whether you’re an experienced rider or new to urban cycling, here are a few cycle laws to follow and other riding tips to help you feel more comfortable and confident.

  • Ride on cycle lanes: Ride on the red painted lanes dedicated for cyclist and avoid riding in shared traffic lanes. Choose a route that suits your comfort level.
  • Go slow on intersections: Bicyclists must yield the right of way to pedestrians at crosswalks and intersections. Use your bell to alert pedestrians of your presence when necessary.
  • Never ride distracted: Don’t text and ride! Pull over if you have to send a message or talk on the phone. Being aware and predictable reduces the chance of a crash.
  • Wear a helmet: It is strongly recommended that all MO CYCLE riders wear a helmet. Make sure you wear it on your head, and always buckle the chin strap.

MO CYCLE Benefits

With MO CYCLE, experience a faster, low-cost, healthier, and congestion free commute using the MO CYCLE system.